Halifax Harbourside
The Westin (Yuk Yuk's)
1181 Hollis St
Halifax, NS  B3H2P6

Halifax Harbourside does many terrific programs. Once each month, our Local/Community, International or Youth committees/partners deliver a compelling, story-focused presentation about just one program.

This time, Michael Craig will present on the subject of Rotary's Six Areas of Focus. Our opportunities to good through programs in these Areas are guided by our interests and passions and are only limited/unlimited depending on our imaginations.   


We are a diverse and welcoming group, and we’d be honoured if you joined us.  Consider this your invitation!  Come a little early even… People start arriving around 7am for coffee/tea and good conversation. 

To keep our meetings flexible and affordable, we offer 3 choices to cover meeting room and meal costs:

A.  $5 for the meeting, including coffee and tea; 
B.  $10 for 'A', plus a Breakfast Sandwich or Yogurt Parfait; or
C.  $18 for 'A', plus the Full Buffet from Elements. 
If you need any additional information, please email halifaxharbourside@gmail.com