Contact: Maya Sloan
Halifax Harbourside

It has been a difficult time for many Nova Scotians over the last few weeks experiencing both murder and death in our province in addition to the already difficult time as we live under COVID 19 lockdown. For those directly affected by the attacks it is almost impossible to describe. 


This is not something that we ever thought we would have to face,  and there is no rulebook on how best to handle it.   


One of the greatest comforts in times of shock and grief is knowing that you are not alone,  and that someone out there has been through something similar; understands exactly what you are experiencing, and can provide some insights and guidance on how to get back on your feet, and live with your changed reality afterwards.


We have this resource in a local HRM resident who has survived the murder of her father, and a later attack where she was set on fire and severely burned  a few years ago, and is making herself available to assist those in need. Anthea recently moved to NS from South Africa and knows first hand the devastation this type of personal tragedy has on those affected by it. 


If anyone wants Anthea to come and share her insights on how to cope and recover,  please feel free to reach out to her directly through her website below or email,



Standing together.