Halifax Harbourside
You are going to get a bonus at your March 5 th meeting. There will be 2 Toastmasters and 2 Rotarians presenting. Not, there won't be 4 of us - just Andrew and I. Both myself and Andrew Byrne belong to Toastmasters and Rotary. 
I am a member and past president of Riverside Toastmasters, sponsor and organizer of Changemakers/ Acteurs du Changement Toastmasters. I am also a member of Fredericton North Rotary Club. 
Andrew Byrne is a member of Fredericton Midday Toastmasters and Sunrise Rotary. He will send along the roles and responsibilities he fulfils in those various clubs and at the District 7810 Rotary Level. 
He and I both serve on the Rotary Toastmaster Alliance Action Team for the Greater Fredericton Area. 
I will speak first titled "A Budding Relationship"  - 4-6 minutes
Then we will show a short video from Rotary International found on the Rotary website under Toastmasters Alliance. It is 2:56. I tried to send it but it is too large a file. It would be preferable if you Zoom Host can find it and have it ready to go. 
Andrew will then speak. He will advise you of the title and time of his presentation. 
We will both be available for Questions and Answers
Andrew is very proficient at Public Relations and social media. If you connect him with your public image chair/committee he will share resources & talents so we both have the items we need to promote this presentation within Rotary and Toastmasters and beyond.