Halifax Harbourside
Humani-T Cafe
5755 Young St
Halifax, NS  B3K1Z9

Rotary After Hours has been tackling some of the big issues facing our province and the world – immigration, refugees, the education of girls in developing world, and veterans. This month, we’re taking on the big kahuna – health care.

The theme is Dilemmas in NS Healthcare: Opportunity or Crisis and, to lead our discussion, we’re delighted that Dr. Patricia (Patti) Conrad has agreed to join us as our guest. 

Dr. Conrad is a health policy consultant recognized for her expertise in community-based service delivery, health systems funding, governance, delivery structures, and population health. We’ll be sure to get into some of the thorny issues about our system - closed or crowded ERs, family physician shortages, long wait times, inadequate mental health services, limited services for seniors, and so on.

Problems sometimes seem insurmountable and the solutions can be equally elusive. Dr. Conrad will help advance our understanding of healthcare's complexities by dispelling some of the myths and discussing some of our responsibilities as patients and citizens.


We will be in our usual place, at the back of the Humani-T Café: corner of Agricola and Young streets. Join us for a coffee, cookie, gelato, soup, tea.... need we go on? The food is always yummy and the conversation even better.  

Bring a friend and make an evening of it.  Hope to see you then.